Virtual Gallery


Virtual Gallery Link


Here is the link and important steps to navigate in the Gallery

It's simple!  

Mobile devices and tablets viewing: 

  1. Download the Artstep App 
  2. Search for Art105. Click on the icon for Art105: Inside Out
  3. Use the toggle button (feet & eye) to move around and view gallery.
  4. Bonus feature:  If you have VR glasses you can also walk through the gallery in a complete 3-D experience.  

Computer viewing: 

  1. Log into:  
  2. If the link doesn't take you directly, on their homepage search exhibitions for Art105.  Click on the icon for Art105: Inside Out
  3. If the browser window goes dark, click on the upper right "settings icon" to set the graphics fidelity to low.
  4. Click the "i" icon if you need help navigating through the gallery. (side right)  
  5. Click directly on art pieces for information.

Tell us about your virtual experience, we'd love to know.  

If you have any questions and/or interested in purchasing the artwork please contact us at